onsdag 8 april 2009

This blog is officially terminated

Dear readers,

Since my time has become very limited, i haven't had time to play AoC for weeks now. That means that i have also grown tired of them game, and i will therefore stop playing until i feel an urge to come back again.

Right now, i really don't feel like playing anymore, why i am officially terminating this blog since i won't write anything.

I wish all of you the best of luck in AoC, and i hope that we see eachother either in AoC in the future, or in another game.


tisdag 24 mars 2009

Proof of Anatolian Hun Empire exploiting

Thinking of duelling someone from Anatolian Hun Empire? Then know that they are expoiters, and that they have gained PvP-exp (with resists etc.) unjustly:

If you want more proof, go here:


lördag 21 mars 2009

Fair play?

The few readers who reads my blog knows that i very often write about PvP, and that's of course since i think that PvP is the main enjoyment of this game, even though it's flawed and imbalanced.

I do understand why the PvP is imbalanced class-wise, which is a problem that affects the very many of us. But what i don't understand is the exploiting of the PvP system that's currently going on amongst many guilds. Im talking of course about guilds who farm eachother for PvP-exp, "secretly".

We all remember how it went a few months ago, when you got loads and loads of PvP-exp by farming eachother (it was due to some big patch if i remember correctly). I even tried it myself for an hour or so, to see how it was.

And today, people are still doing it. The two guilds i know has done this, is Anatolian Hun Empire who famred eachother in their own Battlekeep, but got "cought" by a S.C.U.M member who actually took pictures of this (if anyone has these pictures, send them to kruellanecro@gmail.com and i will make them public here). I also heard rumours about Argonauts doing the same thing in The Main System. Note that i have yet to see proof of this, but my sources are very reliable.

All of this contributes to high PvP-levels, making people who utterly suck in PvP very hard to beat.

On the one hand, i really condone this sort of behaviour, but since the largest guilds on the server are earning unjust PvP-exp, shouldn't the rest of us also join the fest, in order to save us from insults from morons who keep sending tells after siege-battles, minigames and 1 vs 1:s?

If you take a guild like S.C.U.M for instance, where the top-notch players (Galadh, Chigo, Svartie etc) have earned their PvP-levels, you see how skilled they are versus people from AHE/Argonauts. I don't like S.C.U.M too much, but they are very effective in PvP.

But eventually, people who stryggle with their PvP-levels will gain level 5. I just hope it's possible before they launch the next 5 levels, where the history of exploiting will repeat itself.

I really hope that Funcom will do something about this, however, people who exploits will always find new ways to exploit.

tisdag 17 mars 2009

Celestial siege aftermath

Last night Nova Krepusko, Band of the Grey Clover and Exalted went head on for the Celestial battlekeep with one single objective: burn it all down.

It started out very well, with 58 minutes remaining every single building in the russian BK was burned to the ground, except for the main building. This was where the problems started. Even though Celestial did a good job defending the keep, i can't help to feel how incredibly flawed sieges still are.

For example, how is it possible to get a siege weapon running, when you have 30 or so people respawning 20 meters away from it, and doing their utmost to destroy it? Every time we went in together we pushed them back to their spawn point, but once there, they could easily cripple out our force. Funcom should either make more siegeweapons able to target the keep than the one closest to it, or move the one the curently is closest to the keep. Or they could move the defenders spawnpoint once the inner wall falls.
Another thing was the default resspoint, which isn't the closest one to the BK (for attackers). Lots of people realized that when it was 20 minutes left :).

But all in all, it was a really good siege with some good fights.

fredag 13 mars 2009

Guildies on hiatus

Even though it's quite natural, it's also frustrating when your guild's activity decreases severly. This has recently happened to us in Nova Krepusko, as we went from a constant 25-man online to the current 10-12 people.

My main focus with this game is PVP, and it's close to impossible to play "fair" when you're facing 20 or so people from enemy guilds. Therefore, i am forced to resort to more lame methods, such as casting spells from a high vantage point, send pets and run and so on, in order to gain some PVP exp at all.

But make no mistake, Nova Krepusko will be back and stronger than ever soon enough.

onsdag 11 mars 2009

I'm back!

The blog has been resting for a while, due to a vacation i had last week. Now im back however!

I will start posting once Funcom resolves my account issues, which should be tonight or tomorrow.

fredag 27 februari 2009

Funcom censoring

Yesterday i started a topic on the official forums about zerging on this server, which was filled with (constructive) criticism towards Anatolian Hun Empire and The Empire (since i am biased). This topic was removed without any notification, which i think is outrageous! What happened to freedom of speech?

Oh yea, the blog will not be updated for a week or so now, as im going on vacation to Austria i the next week.